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The US called on Tuesday “the leaders of unconstitutional governments” in Madagascar to withdraw. Speaking at the session of the UN Human Rights Council, US Chargé d’Affaires Douglas Griffiths called for elections, adding that “the US administration could not Remain indifferent when constitutional and democratic systems are undermined or overthrown ”

Preparation of elections by the authorities resulting from the coup. Opponents denounce in strong terms what they consider a “unilateral initiative, a democratic absurdity and massive electronic fraud in the making”. They demand the implementation of the Maputo agreements and, in the absence of “severe sanctions” against an “illegal regime”
The de facto authorities are preparing for the forthcoming elections. Cécile Manorohanta, placed at the Ministry of Interior by Andry Rajoelina, launches her plan to build a new identity card for the upcoming presidential elections

Crisis exit – Presidential election as soon as possible. According to the latest reports, an election as soon as possible would be one of the ICG’s exit options in the event of failure of the negotiations; The targeted sanctions would be another.

Journalists have been participating since Monday in a workshop on “The role of the press in a democracy”. This awareness is a US initiative through the NED, an American non-profit organization whose official goal is education and training for democracy around the world.

Backstage between Monja Roindefo and Andry Rajoelina? – Informed source, on request of Andry Rajoelina in person, his close guard explicitly solicited on Thursday the departure of Monja Roindefo. According to the source, the cohesion of facade would have yielded to the threats between the two companions, specifying that if Roindefo fall then Rajoelina will also fall and reciprocally
Andry Rajoelina was not allowed to rise yesterday at the UN rostrum to make his speech at the Climate Change Summit in New York. A little earlier, his name was removed from the official list of speakers before being added again today for the late afternoon  Check out SEO information here.