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Why Facebook Marketing Has Changed Online Marketing Forever

One of the largest websites in the world, one that commands an exceptional amount of traffic, is Facebook. It is the largest social media website in the world. Touting over a billion users, it is possible to place advertisements that people will click on, helping you to sell more of your products. There are other ways that you can use Facebook to generate traffic. You can build up a following, perhaps tens of thousands of visitors that will see your posts every day. You can submit good content, as well as offers for products you are selling, and do very well using this very basic marketing strategy. However, Facebook has changed the scope of what you can do online regarding generating targeted visitors. It’s the way that you use their online marketing platform, and how you approach the followers that you have, which is going to improve your business. Let’s go over how Facebook works, how to market on this platform, and then three specific ways that you can compete against your competitors using the power of social media.

A Quick Overview Of Facebook Marketing

The first strategy that most people use is to use PPC advertising. They will target a specific demographic, or specific keywords, that people might be searching for. Facebook is not a search engine, and therefore Facebook is going to rely upon cookies that you have in your browser when they are deciding on what adds to show. They may also consider the type of content that you are talking about regularly, placing ads that you will see that are relevant to topics that you seem to like the most. For example, if you have a Facebook page and you are constantly posting pictures and talking about hiking across North America, you will likely see many different advertisements related to camping gear, or perhaps vacations that will take you into the wilderness. The other way that you can use Facebook, as mentioned before, is to build up a huge following. You can do like campaigns, and the more people that follow you, the higher the chance you will have of reaching people that want to buy your products. This is similar to how people market to their list. People will subscribe, and they will send out a mixture of content and special offers. However, Facebook can be used in a much more profitable way because it is possible to do viral marketing.

Viral Marketing On Facebook

Viral marketing was first recognized back when YouTube came out. People would share videos with their friends and family, typically using their email. As time has passed, with the advent of smartphones, people can share videos so much more easily. They typically use applications, and also use Facebook, to share the videos that they see. It’s very easy to post a video on Facebook so that your followers can see them. If they like them, they will share them with people following them. This is how viral video marketing get started, but there is a very specific way that you can use this to your advantage. This is a combination of using Facebook marketing, specifically their advertising platform, where you can post your advertisements in other people’s newsfeeds. Targeting either a demographic or a specific set of keyword phrases, you can start to get a sizable amount of traffic. It is because your advertisements are showing up in their newsfeed that they are going to notice them, much more so than the advertisements on the right. Specifically, you need to post videos or images which are referencing products you are selling. When you do this with videos, you can take advantage of the viral marketing. The reason that this is so effective is you are not simply posting videos on your Facebook page. Your posting this on what could be thousands of other people’s accounts. It is common for people to share advertisements that they see in their newsfeed, and if you have created something that people do want to share, you can start to generate a substantial amount of income.

How To Make A Viral Video For Facebook Marketing

For example, if you are marketing a product on how to travel the world at a discount, you would created video which is showing beautiful landscapes from all over the world. You could create hundreds of these, and begin to market and track them, seeing which ones get the most clicks and shares. This information is vital because you will know which videos to ramp up your campaign on, sending them out to more people every time. Once people click on the video, it will have your URL at the bottom giving something away, and a call to action at the end. This can be used for any product you are selling, and as long as you are targeting the right demographic and keywords, this could be one of the best ways to generate consistent traffic on the Internet using nothing but Facebook marketing.

Once you have started a few campaigns, you will start to notice which ones work the best. Simply ramp up those campaigns, and keep testing, until you have multiple videos that go viral every time helping you to generate more sales. This is just one part of marketing.