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“Commander Charles” to the new board of the Jirama

The famous commander Charles, more and more known on the media scene by his deeds and misdeeds, was appointed administrator of the Jirama, one of the jewels of the Malagasy industry still alive after the destruction of TIKO.

This is what reveals the daily Midi Tuesday and confirmed on the website of JIRAMA. The new board of directors was formed in July with head Haja AndrĂ© Resampa, neither more nor less than … the SG of the High Authority of Transition (HAT). Thus, three months later, a new administrator was appointed in the person of Commander Charles, who had just recently been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel a few weeks ago.

Something fishy ? Perhaps all the more so as the current between members of the HAT and the military putschists passes less and less. Rumors of Monja Roindefo’s arrest by this same commander Charles ran last week. Moreover, these same soldiers have been very pampered in recent times: Major Lylison has also been promoted Lieutenant Colonel and the Minister of Population has found it opportune to give “blankets and soap” to the families of CAPSAT.

The fact remains that Major Charles has benefited from an enormous promotion that many would envy. By becoming a director of the giant JIRAMA, it normally becomes a shareholder of the company (unless its status is special) will thus benefit from possible dividend returns and will have a say on the strategy of the company. Does he have the stuff to take on this role?

Did Marc finally get dressed to dress Andry and others?

The truth is that the mix of genres between politicians and businessmen continues to grow while the TGV movement wanted to put an end to this incestuous relationship … Already a few months after its takeover, the HAT was criticized in Its composition because it gave way to many Business Men. Ravalomanana has been criticized for taking advantage of power to enrich himself but is this, in the end, the nature of any Malagasy policy? Indeed this eternal question comes back every time: are our leaders only there to make their heritage bear fruit? Did Marc finally get dressed to dress Andry and others? While the settlements between business men continue, the population, she toast … but probably not to the health of their leaders.

P.s: For information JIRAMA had a turnover of 274 billion ariary (105 million euros) and a net profit of 25 billion ariary (9.5 million euros) in 2007.